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Flow is a global human development consultancy operating in 9 countries and growing in Malaysia. We are HRD Corp approved training provider with all our flagship courses are HRD Corp claimable.  We work with large clients with projects in Organizational Culture, Leadership, Talent Development and consultancy in the HR process . We are in Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, Mozambique, Kazakhstan, England and Brazil. Our goal has always been to create environments and solutions that contribute to a better quality of work and life. Our mission is to develop skills in people that help them meet challenges and gain greater maturity as professionals and individuals.

When preparing proposals for companies, we think independently for each need, with a team of professionals who believe in listening and co-creating projects with their own objectives. What we call “Flow way”, based on a study by the Hungarian Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and which goes through a humanized process, whose client is at the center of creation, their pains and goals to achieve. We use design as a tool and see adaptability as a strength of the entire team.

We believe that any change is only possible through people. They are the ones who carry the dreams, frustrations, motivations and knowledge that influence their attitudes. These are the basis of all individual transformation that impact social transformations; whether for a small group, large company or a nation. We choose to challenge people and organizations to seek their best impact for themselves and others.









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Flow Group is a global consultancy firm that prepares people, teams and organizations for growth and performance in Organizational Development, Culture, Leadership, Innovation and Change Management.


Level 19, Boutique Office 1, 

KL Eco City. Jalan Bangsar, 

59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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